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Charter Yacht’s Top 10 Funniest Wedding Movies

Charter Yacht’s Top 10 Funniest Wedding Movies

If you are currently in the process of planning your wedding, we know as Brides and Grooms-to-be it can be frustrating and exhausting! Dealing with friends and family, vendors, food, planners…its a lot! Trust us, we know! Let us take the worry off your shoulder. By booking with Charter Yachts, we take away some of the frustration of planning by handling all of the vendors and helping you to choose the right ones for your event.

In the meantime, while you and your partner are ironing out the details of your big day, take some time to relax! Enjoy an evening filled with laughter with your partner….Here are 10 of the funniest wedding movies from recent years…in Charter Yacht’s mind at least.


10. 27 Dresses (2008)

In this hilarious romantic comedy (starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden), Heigl’s character, Jane, is the epitome of the saying “always the bridesmaid never the bride.” Serving as a bridesmaids 27 times, she now wrestles with the situation of standing by her sister’s side as her sibling marries the man she has been secretly in love with. Meanwhile, Marsden’s character, Kevin, who is secretly creating an article on Jane’s excessive bridesmaid job, finds himself at a cross road between getting ahead in his career or protecting the girl he has now fallen for.

9. The Wedding Planner (2001)

Mary Fiore (played by Jennifer Lopez) is one of San Francisco’s most elite event planners. She lives a busy, career-oriented life and never breaks the rules. However, one day after a chance meeting with a handsome doctor (played by Matthew McConaughey) she falls in love. Only it turns out he is engaged to be married…..and he is one of her biggest client’s groom! Will she help marry him off or finally become a bride herself?

8. Wedding Crashers (2005)

John Beckwith and Jeremy Gray (played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn) are a pair of womanizers who sneak into weddings to take advantage of the women. After successfully crashing a high profile wedding, they set their sights on two of the bridesmaids, Claire and Gloria. When they are invited to a weekend party at the sister’s household, John, who is falling for Claire, convinces Jeremy to bend the rules. Once the pair arrive at the estate, the duo undergo numerous comical mishaps at the hands of the family and eventually learn what love and relationships are truly about.

7. The Proposal (2009)

Margaret Tate (played by Sandra Bullock) is a successful chief-editor of a publishing company in New York and is hated by all of her coworkers, especially by her executive assistant Andrew Paxton (played by Ryan Reynolds). An aspiring editor, Andrew has been working for her for three years without any recognition. When Margaret is faced with possible deportation due to an expired visa, she blackmails Andrew to marry her in return for his promotion to editor. The couple travels to Sitka, Alaska to celebrate the birthday of Andrew’s grandmother. Margaret is immediately welcomed by his family and she grows closer to them all. However, tensions increase when an immigration agent appears promising to charge Andrew for fraud. Will she do the right thing or will Andrew take the fall?

6. Father of the Bride (1991)

George Banks (played by Steve Martin) is an ordinary, middle class man whose daughter Annie has decided to marry a man from an upper class family. However, George goes wild at the thought of what life will be like without his daughter. His wife tries to make him happy for Annie, but when the wedding is scheduled to take place at their home and a foreign wedding planner takes over, he has to come to the realization that children grow up.

5. Wedding Singer (1998)

It’s 1985, and Robby (played by Adam Sandler) is stood up at the altar by Linda, who decides that the idea of marrying a wedding singer doesn’t equal the attraction she once had for him when he was in a band. Devastated, Robby finds consolation in his friendship with Julia (played by Drew Barrymore), a waitress at the venue where he performs. Julia asks Robby to help her plan her wedding to Glenn, a snobbish Wall Street Broker. As he falls in love with Julia, he learns that Glenn doesn’t really love her and Robbie has to win her over before it is too late.

4. The Hangover (2009)

Four friends head to Las Vegas for a epic and promising bachelor party. When they wake up the next morning in their luxury villa at Caesar’s Palace, they find that one of their party is missing….and he’s the groom! Over the next 24 hours, hilarious chaos results as the trio head out to re-trace their steps as well as try to locate their friend Doug and bring him home in one piece before the wedding. Along the way, they have a run in with a tiger, they find a baby, a missing tooth, and face Mike Tyson.

3. Meet The Parents (2000)

Greg Focker (played by Ben Stiller) is a male nurse who is ready to propose to his girlfriend Pam. However, on the day he was planning to ask her, he discovers Pam’s father prefers to be asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Greg and Pam take a trip to her family’s home, so Greg can ask him privately. Unbeknownst to Greg, her father Jack Burns (played by Robert De Niro) is a former CIA agent and dislikes Greg. Greg comically tries with all his might to win back Jack’s trust but just keeps getting farther away from his goal. Until at last, it comes to a stand still and Jack must learn to do what is best for his daughter.

2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Toula Portokalos is 30, Greek, and still works in her family’s restaurant. All her life she has felt like an outsider searching for more in life and all her family wants is for her to get married to a Greek. After her mother convinces her to take some computer classes, she soon takes over her aunt’s travel agency. Here she meets Ian Miller, a high school teacher, and they date secretly for a while until her family finds out. Livid with being lied to and that he isn’t Greek, her father has to learn to accept Ian. In return, Ian has to learn to accept Toula’s comically large and boisterous family.

1. Bridesmaids (2011)

Annie (played by Kirstin Wiig) is living a life near rock bottom. Her bakery has been shut down, her flatmates are unhelpful, and she has Ted, an uncaring on and off partner. However, since childhood, she has always had Lillian. When Lillian gets engaged, she asks Annie to be her maid of honor and introduces her to the four other bridesmaids, including Helen. Helen is Lillian’s new, wealthy, and beautiful friend who instantly gets under Annie’s skin and undermines Annie for Lillian’s affection with her ideas and lavish gifts. Fearful of losing her only friend, Annie puts up a fight to win her best friend back.