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Charter Yachts Top 10 Wedding Cakes!

Charter Yachts Top 10 Wedding Cakes!

The wedding cake is an essential part of modern weddings. While it sometimes acts as a centerpiece for guests to gaze at in awe, the cutting of the cake is represented symbolically as the first task that the bride and groom perform jointly as husband and wife. So, here are some of Charter Yacht’s Top 10 Wedding Cakes we have seen thus far….

10. Sometimes simplicity is best!

This wedding cake features unadorned frosting with sprigs of baby’s breath and a couple of blush colored roses.

9. Simple yet Romantic…

This wedding cake has delicate frosted hearts with a lavender ribbon as trimming. Combined with a couple white roses, this makes for quite a romantic cake.

8. Nautical and Symmetrical

In keeping with the nautical theme, this couple chose to have their cake decorated with seashells and starfish.

7. Naked and Beachy

“Naked” cakes are all the rage right now with Brides. However this cake, topped with 2 beach chairs, looks both beachy and fun!


6. A Cake Fit for 2 Kings

This lovely couple decorated their cake with a simplified tuxedo design which made it both unique and stunning.


5. Colorful and Bright

This bright, vivid cake decorated with solid red daisies makes sure to stand out in the crowd!

4. A Colorful Floral Cake

The delicate yet romantic florals and colors on this cake along with the loving cake topper makes this cake one of our favorites.

3. Unique Woodsy Design

This Bride and Groom chose to have an outside wedding on the seas! They brought in forest-y arrangements and decor to dress up the yacht. They even went so far as to have the cake decorated to compliment their theme with the colors really helping to make this cake a unique stunner.

2. A Succulent Cake For All

In lieu of cake, guests were greeted with individual cupcakes and a single bundt cake for the Bride and Groom to cut. The display featured succulents which made it look refined and earthy.

1. Gatsby Glam

This one takes the cake….literally! This Roaring 20’s Wedding was wonderfully complimented with this glamorous and glitzy wedding cake topped with a special 1920’s artsy cake topper.



And for a bit of extra fun…here are some of Chart Yacht’s Most Unique Cake Toppers!